Ornamo Award goes to electric car innovator Pasi Pennanen

20 April 2016

The winner of the Ornamo Award for design in 2016 is automotive designer Pasi Pennanen, the creator of the Toroidion concept car cited as the world’s most efficient electric car.

The winner was selected from three candidates by interior designer Simo Heikkilä, who praises Pennanen for his skillful touch and struggle for the hegemony of Finnish industrial design. The Ornamo Award 2016 is presented on Design Day, Wednesday, 20 April, at an event organized by the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo at Musiikkitalo (Helsinki Music Centre). 

Heikkilä comments, “Pasi Pennanen possesses an exceptionally strong, elastic sense of design, which culminates in his latest project on Toroidion. Electric cars are already part of today, but Pasi Pennanen has taken an enormous leap with his perseverance and technological innovation that has shaken the automotive industry. This speaks clearly that we can still accomplish things here as long as we have the courage.”

Ornamo press release

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